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Michael Tabban Personal Training


The SHAPE program is a total health and fitness regime focusing on a change in attitude towards life, introducing new skills and exciting challenges that will exhilarate and motivate.

George has developed his own program which caters for beginners wanting to improve their shape through to world class bodybuilding competitors.  For those who are largely overweight, there is no need to be embarrassed; our understanding staff has extensive experience and can assist you develop a new and refreshing approach to health. MBS will introduce you to a new way of life, a way that encourages you to understand food as fuel for your body and mind; learn about exercise that is realistic for your level of fitness; develop a short and long term plan to achieve the shape you want - and learn how to change your habits so that the benefits of your experience will be continued when you return home. The SHAPE program has a long and successful history in health education, wellness care and safe effective weight loss. Through a combination of sessions that involve nutrition and exercise, you can achieve optimal outcomes – so, give it a TRY!

S - Self Esteem
H - Health
A - Attitude
P - Physical Fitness
E - Emotional Well being




At MBS we do not encourage unsustainable amounts of exercise or crash diets. The SHAPE program is not a 12-week body transformation. Instead it is a real solution: It is about creating a healthy, active lifestyle, achieving real results and maintaining these results for the rest of your life, not a mere 12 weeks!

The purpose of this article is to create awareness and explain some of the possible dangers and common side effects associated with accelerated substantial weight loss and fad diets. Some of which may result in long term damage both emotionally and physically.

There are so many "12-week body transformation" programmes currently being marketed on the internet and in popular magazines.

These programmes are based on a bodybuilding diet designed for competitors in the sport. This is when a body builder diets for 12 weeks prior to competition.Naturally, this programme works for body builders as their muscles are already conditioned by months and sometimes years of weight training and therefore their body is ready to diet.  However, for the average person who has not been undertaking a consistent, measured weight training schedule, this type of diet is called acceleration.

When the body has not been properly prepared, this acceleration process will cause wrinkles and sagging of the skin, soft butt lines gives the body more of a "pear shape".  This will often result in the need for cosmetic surgery to re-fit or remove the excess skin.

Take a look at the marketing photos of any "12-week body transformation" programme. Notice how in each of these images, we are only ever provided with pictures of the front view? Are we ever shown a rear view? There are so many people advertising and selling diet plans on the internet that it is difficult to understand and make informed choices. Yet these types of quick transformations are designed by people who may have only ever competed as a body builder once or twice - be wary! We have all heard the advertisements promoting amazing weight loss results, in some cases up to 30 kilos. It is true that some programmes produce results that are initially very pleasing, however the after effects can cause severe damage. It is important to understand that the body reacts quite differently when food intake is altered substantially. There has to be a balance so that your food intake is equal to the amount of exercise and that exercise needs to be quality, or the skin will become lose and begin to form wrinkles.

When this occurs, I adjust the food intake and increase the training to keep the body burning fat and toning muscles equally. Get into my SHAPE programme and you will benefit from a professional who has over 50 years knowledge and experience in weight training, diet,body shaping and competition. My programmes will not only change your body, it will transform your life.


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